Tessa Hall Combs

Landscape Designer

At an early age, Tessa found herself lost in the woods. A life-defining memory in the best way, she remains looking for opportunities and has shaped her career around spending more time with the natural world.  Organically capturing that sense of wonder, joy, discovery, and peace drives her designs with a detailed focus on the space’s user. Specific attention is given to accessibility, longevity, and sensorial designs. Tessa’s experiences span complex projects from civic spaces, urban planning interventions, rewilding urban centers, institutional athletic fields, and public-school playgrounds to the more intimate projects of therapeutic gardens, residences, and dog parks. Each requires a thorough knowledge of native plants that has been built by professional interactions with plant nurseries and a more plant-focused education at the University of Kentucky where she received her bachelor’s degree in landscape architecture.

American Society of Landscape Architects
American Sports Builders Association