Olivia Messenger

Landscape Designer

Olivia began her design education at Smith College, where she focused her studies on an interdisciplinary understanding of the urban fabric and active transportation systems. She went on to receive a Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture from Cornell University, pairing her coursework in landscape design with classes in city and regional planning. Born and raised in the Greater Boston area, her ten years of work and study have seen her all around the Northeast and as a far away as Scandinavia.

Olivia has a strong background in resilient and sustainable design and a keen knowledge of plant ecology from turfgrass to trees. She excels at creative problem solving and developing attractive, straightforward design solutions. Her work prioritizes accessibility, efficiency, and a strong community identity.

Outside of the studio, Olivia is an avid mountaineer and backpacker and a passionate advocate for trails.

American Society of Landscape Architects