Kelvin Huang

Project Manager

Shortly after receiving his Bachelor of Landscape Architecture at the University of Rhode Island, Kelvin began his athletic and residential design experience. Kelvin artistically designs spaces to reflect its natural surroundings. His approach to landscape design stems from his love for nature, while his attention to detail originates from art appreciation. With these characteristics, Kelvin excels in 2D/3D graphic visualizations and detail-orientated designs.

Kelvin continues to be a strong contributor to the URI Landscape Architecture Program by guest critiquing, as well as teaching graphic representation to the senior design studios.

Outside the office, Kelvin is a photographer, birder, and an avid explorer. Most importantly, he’s a proud dog dad. He enjoys to spend time in nature, as it’s very therapeutic. His expertise in operating Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) allows him to photograph and appreciate landscapes from a different perspective, creating an authentic story and meaning behind a photograph.

American Society of Landscape Architects
American Sports Builders Association


Training Facility


Libby Field